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A Golden Tribute To Carver Sir

Monday February 17, 2014 was a memorable day as Carver sir had completed 50 years of his teaching experience. After a very meaningful and emotional special assembly in the morning, en evening mass was held in the auditorium of St. Stephen's School, Chandigarh. The teachers of St. Stephen's School, Chandigarh walked in at 6.15 pm dressed very gracefully. Few spouses and quite a few guests also joined the Stephenian family in the Mass.

The evening Mass started with the Bishop Ignatius Mascharenas along with priests entering while the hymn was being sung.

Ms Judaline Thomas gave a very meaningful introduction highlighting Carver sir's glorious achievements.

Bishop, Fr. Sebastian, Mr Roy and Mr Jacob added some beautiful memories which each one had experienced. Mr Praveen and Dr Sandeep Aggarwal (The first school captain) also expressed their feelings and their wonderful experience with Carver sir.

The Bible procession and the hymns enchanted the audience.

The mass ended with Carver sir's speech.

A Golden Tribute To Carver Sir - by Ms Judaline Thomas

Sitting on the armchair of nostalgia reminiscing the past one wonders where those 50 years have really gone- certainly not into oblivion.

It is our memory and the advancement of technology that has really helped us piece things together. In a flash days, weeks, months and 50 glorious years of dedicated service have not flown by but have skyrocketed on the wings of love patience, care, understanding from very close family, friends who have been the wind beneath his wings- the strength and reason to carry on whenever the going was tough.

What is it that makes Carver Sir stand out even among some of the best in Chandigarh' Has one really wondered' What is so special about the name 'Carver'' Why should his name be sounded more than others' Should his name sound fairer than others' His name, if weighed, is as heavy as the others- use it to conjure, it will start a spirit faster than the others.

Now, in the name of all the Gods on what does this our Carver Sir feed that he has grown so great' One of the reasons why Carver Sir shines today is his sense of total humility in spite of his illuminating services. No one, not even the visually impaired can ever ignore the presence of Carver Sir, because like a candle he radiates his warmth and dispels darkness. Through his warmth and humility he has touched the lives of thousands of children to whom he gives his total self as a living sacrifice. We all draw strength and inspiration from Sir to enkindle same spirit of self-sacrifice in all of us.

The candle became a symbol of prayer in a gathering of God's faithful people among whom Carver Sir stands proudly as 'His faithful one'. The candle or the light has always been the symbol of prayer and faith in Carver Sir's life.

Whenever I've walked into Carver Sir's office, a burning candle has always caught my eye. That candle is definitely burning for someone in distress or, is it storming heaven for someone's success' May be a soft silent prayer filters through to heaven for a departed soul or a prayer of thanks giving for making you whole. I noticed the flame burnt steadily at times and yet at times it flickered when disturbed by a gentle breeze or a strong wind that threatened to put it out completely. These symbolically were the turbulent times when Sir found himself tossed about in the doldrums of despair. But Carver Sir continues to be the burning candle.

The candle has played a significant role in the life of Carver Sir. Have you ever stopped to think why and how Carver Sir reached the peak of his success' The answer is - PRAYER. Whenever Sir lights a candle he is in total communion with God and the closer he gets to God the more he is made aware of his inadequacies. He offers his weaknesses to God asks Him to convert them into strength and Carver Sir moves on- Having derived strength from God he permeates that strength through to each one of us.

He is so very special that he is one in a million of the teacher born to be emulated in every way. I, for one have truly learnt that it is effort that spells success and truth alone triumphs.

Chandigarh wake up! Will there ever be room enough for another Carver Sir? I doubt it and I am sure we'll shed a bitter tear.

Carver Sir you are a real star
You know how to reach out to your dreams and make them yours.
You know how to touch success and grab it.

Keep going like this and you will remain an inspiration for many
Your palms have always itched only for Gold
Nothing less-
Today your dream is a reality
You have reached for the 'gold star'-

In the words of one of your students you're a man with a golden heart. You are now nothing less than King Midas. Strive further and reach for gold. May it be gold all the way. This is our wish for you today.

We have all gathered here on this special day to celebrate your triumph and to wish you achieve a lot more by doing everything just as right.

With love,
The Stephenian Family

(Ms Judaline Thomas)

Mr. Samson Masih, Principal, DPS Pinjore

Dr. Sandeep Aggarwal, First School Captain

Mr. Praveen Bhatt, Head, Music Department

Mrs. Suman Pathak, Senior Teacher

Mr. Gerald Jacob, Headmaster, St. Stephen's School - 45

Mr. Praveen Bhatt, Head, Music Department

His Lordship, Ignatius Loyola Mascarenhas, Bishop of Shimla-

Chandigarh Diocese

Mr. Mervin West, Pricipal - St. Xavier's School, Chandigarh

Carver sir

Mrs. Judaline Thomas, Sr. Co-ordinator, Stephen's-45

Fr. Sebastian

His Lordship, Ignatius Loyola Mascarenhas, Bishop of Shimla-

Chandigarh Diocese

Mrs. Lalita Pandey, Co-ordinator Junior School

Mr. Geoff Aranha, Stephen's-Togan

Mr. Roy da Silva, Principal, Stephen's-Togan

Mr. Praveen Bhatt, Head, Music Department

Dr. Sandeep Aggarwal, First School Captain

Mr. Gerald Jacob, Headmaster, St. Stephen's School - 45

Carver sir