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The Auditorium

It is a clear-cut mantra - simply the best.

For Mr Harold Carver, there is no question of a compromise for he is here to provide "first class infrastructure" to his students so that they are able to go out into the world with their heads held high.

Today with a first-rate auditorium, still being polished to perfection, the school can boast of another exceptional facility.

State-of-the-art sound system in a well planned acoustic environment, high-tech lighting, fire-retardant curtains and pure teak flooring on the stage with plush seating built over three tiers which can accommodate up to 700 people. Every minute detail is evident.

With 88 tonnes of air-conditioning feeding the auditorium and wider aisles than required by the manual, the assiduousness starts with the structural changes, barrel pillars suited to withstand earthquakes, to keep out the heat and cold and at the same time provide aesthetic appeal.

The stars on the ceiling represent the school and its four houses, the pinkish red hues of the tiles on the walls are cheery and there is an airy appeal.

We have skimped on nothing, bringing in the latest technology for this place, says Carver Sir with obvious pride. There is reason to feel good, for every product was weighed, compared with the best and then installed.

The sound and lighting done by a Delhi-based firm exceeded Carver Sir's expectations.

Theatre lighting, colour change and colour wash, intelligent lights which are fully programmable on the computer and two programmable follow spot-lights make up the lighting system.

Soundproof tiles for better acoustics, a 32 channel mixer, time-delay and crossover sound equipment, the effect is humongous to quote ex-student Ashish Jain when he saw the auditorium for the first time.

It has a seating plan of 700 spectators and has two balconies. The Auditorium has a stage area of 50' by 40' for cultural activities.