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Vice Principal - Mr. John Xavier

Mr. John Xavier, an experienced, dynamic, energetic and visionary young man with a demonstrated 25-year history of working in the educational teaching and management industry joined St.Stephen's School, as Vice Principal in March, 2018.

He believes that education is a never ending process and wants to make his unique contribution to this field by the skills, attributes and experience that he possesses.

Skilled in teaching English language and literature at various ICSE, IGCSE, IB and CBSE schools over the last two decades, he is an education professional with a Master of Arts - MA (English) Degree, International Baccalaureate (IB) English Teaching Certification and a Bachelor of Education degree.

Other than teaching English, he has also worked as administrator of residential boarding houses in the capacity as house master at some of the leading boarding schools for over a decade. He is a certified boarding school professional with a certificate from Boarding Schools Association (BSA), United Kingdom.

An outdoor enthusiast, he is passionate about sports and games. A skilled sportsman, he is equally proficient at basket ball, lawn tennis, cricket, football and table tennis. His other interests include reading, quizzing, solving cross word puzzles, trekking and swimming.

He is a creative and confident mentor involved and interested in continuous professional development of the staff.