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The Building

The Design Concept
For a child, the school building is the starting point on the road to aesthetic appreciation. Schools are houses for children which supply the surroundings leading to his development and education.

Great care has been taken while designing the school building and an effort has been made to achieve as close a connection as possible both practically and emotionally between the school and the home. School is the stage to play the drama of education.

The whole school has been divided into different plants, as the administrative plant, the community plant, the classroom plant, special classroom plant, thus evolving a campus plant design.

"Children are the basis of our school design".

The child is the subject, not the object of education and consequently of the school building. The school has been designed with the pupils as a yardstick. More accurately, it might be called "The humanistic approach" or "Pupil approach".

The building has been designed as a colourful, inspiring and a pleasant place to go to school. The child's physical and emotional needs have been taken care of by safe structures, proper sanitation, sound conditioning, good lighting and proper ventilation. The school is well equipped with all ameniities essential needs and the children are proud of it. The school provides a sense of security, protection, unity, an institutional feeling and the feeling of ownership. The school is like their personal property.

Every part of the school has been adapted to the child's needs so that the fullest possible contribution can be made by the building it as an instrument of education.

The school building is located on a an entirely levelled site in Sector 45-B, having an area of 4 acres. The site is surrounded by V3 roads on the N-E and S-E sides, Dev Samaj College on the S-W side and an approach road on the N-W side leading to the entrance. A four storey structure was found necessary in order to achieve the maximum F.A.R. permissible and to allow enough space for playing and landscaping, The main entrance lies on the N-W side which has less frequented roads. Owing to the hot climate of the region, the whole building is oriented N-S.

The building greets the children with overwhelming fascination. The approach is open armed and friendly with landscape all around. The building merges with the surrounding giving a friendly appearance.

The open pathways with cobbled stones, surrounded by beautifully designed gardens and waterfalls, take you to the entrance lobby. The Administration is centrally located on the first floor and is approached by a magnificent flight of steps leading to the reception.

The school building must remain technically sound so as to play a part in the ethical and aesthetic formation of young minds. For this reason an ordinary design and material would not ply in the long run, as they would quickly give rise to considerable cost of maintenance. An effort has been made to use the best and maintenance free materials in the market. Exposed machine made bricks for walls, concrete roofing wood/aluminum for doors and windows, Red stones/Kotah Stone for flooring of classrooms, granite, marble, glaze tiles, granite tiles for labs have been extensively used.

Area details:
Site area - 4 Acres
Covered area on Ground floor - 2384 Sq Mtrs
Covered area on First floor - 1655 Sq Mtrs
Covered area on Second floor - 1892 Sq Mtrs
Covered area on Third floor - 1890 Sq Mtrs
Covered area in Basement - 1356 Sq Mtrs

Number of classrooms - 53
Administrative office
Director's office
Principal's office
Vice Principal's office
Coordinator's offices - 3
Home Science laboratory
Physics laboratory
Chemistry laboratory
Biology laboratory
Computer laboratory
Toilets for boys and girls
Multiactivity area (Basement)
Auditorium to seat 1000 spectators
Staff rooms - 5
Senior teachers cabin -7
Sick room