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The Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (The library) is located on the third floor. The atmosphere in the library is quite delightful and encourages concentration.

The library was started in July, 1985 with 30 books in stock. Today the library has over 10,000 books and multi media equipment
The library has won the following awards from the Chandigarh Librarian Association:- Best Library 1997, 1998, 1999.

Maximum Participation Shield-1998, Best Librarian Award (Mrs. Indira Malik)-1998,1999.

It would be no exaggeration when we state that there is excellence and only excellence in every aspect of St. Stephen's School, be it orderliness, discipline, sports, studies, dedication, outstanding performance or curricular activities.

The Library in no way lags behind. St. Stephen's Library has been adjudged and awarded the Best Library Award consecutively for 3 years.
We recognise that books have large role in building the future of our students. We inculcate reading habits in them. A lot of painstaking hours are spent in creating a treasure for the library.

Services provided by the Learning Resource Centre:
1. Provision of general information.
2. Provision of specific information(on a particular subject)
3. Use of library catalogue.
4. Instruction in the use of reference books.
5. Photocopying facility.
6. CD reading.
7. Screen reading through OHP
8. Library facility to ex-students.

Chief Librarian: Mrs. Indira Malik
Asstt. Librarians :Mrs. Romina Sood, and Mrs Jaswinder Kaur

Library has a rich collection on various subjects.
Approximately-700 reference books, covering topics like- science, geography, art, poetry, history, book of knowledge, book of records, dictionaries, atlas.
Authors like Jeffery Archer, Robin Cook, Danielle Steel, Khushwant Singh. Charles Dickens, Vikram Singh, Arundhati Roy.
Good collection of books on languages.
Books on how to learn French, Russian, German, Japanese.
Many books on English Literature. biography and quiz section are also very rich.
Magazines-20, Newspapers-5

Activites :
Open access system - Every student attends the library period at least once a week. They pick up the books of their choice from the shelves. Screen reading-Students are shown transparencies with illustrations by overhead projector. Students have access to audio-video cd's and cassettes.

Reference service:
We extend ready reference service to the students and staff. Moreover, we have class room service,issuance and return service.

We have highly qualified and technically competent librarians who have long experience in the field of library and information science.