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Senior School

The subjects taught include:
1. English (Language and Literature)
2. Hindi
3. Mathematics
4. Science
5. Social Studies
6. Computer Studies (Starts at Class 1 Level)
7. Art And Craft
8. General Knowledge (includes current affairs and the formation of the habit of news paper
9. Music
10. Moral Science (emphasis is given to story telling and discussion on topics of moral values.
11. Punjabi (it is introduced in class four level)

Special emphasis is laid on elocution where children are taught pronunciation, proper intonation voice modulation, posture and confidence through reading, recitation, general conversation and role-play.

The curriculum besides academics also includes one period twice a week on activities such as dance, quiz, singing, mono acting, calligraphy, debates and declamations etc. for, which inter class competitions, are held on a monthly basis. Every student of a class gets an opportunity to participate in such competitions.

The academic year is divided into two equal semesters. Each semester includes a Unit Test and a Semester Exam for very subject. The cumulative average of both the semesters are taken into consideration to assess the performance of a student. Merit certificates are awarded to the students who attain top three positions in each class.

Interaction with parents:
It is informal teaching, of course, but the home provides the important foundation on which a child's formal school learning is built. Keeping this in mind regular parent teacher meetings are organized two to three times a year besides which parents and well-wishers are welcomed at all times to provide useful suggestions and feed backs.

The academic year is divided into two semesters :
For classes 6,7 & 8 :
In each semester two unit tests per subject are taken. Each unit test is of 20 marks. The average of the 2 unit tests is taken for the final evaluation.

For class 9 :
The students prepare two assignments of 20 marks each. The average of the two assignments is taken for the final evaluation.

Semester exams :
The semester end exams are held in September and March. Each paper carry 80 marks.
Class tests are taken as and when required and are not taken for the final evaluation.

Co-ordinators for Senior School:
Mrs Indra Malik - Academics
Mrs Suman Malhotra - Activities