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Fast changing life styles, new value systems and exposure to foreign cultures has made a student struggle for defining identity more complicated. During this phase of adolescence, students may experience a sense of confusion and alienation that may lead to lack of direction, insecurity, loss of self-esteem and concentration in their studies and family duties.

With the aim of helping students in gaining a better understanding of themselves and screening for the presence of Learning Disability (LD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Emotional difficulties or Behavioral problems, a full time professional Counsellor is available in the school. During counselling, detailed interaction with the child, parent and concerned teacher is undertaken to figure out the underlying possible causes for poor performance of a child. Concrete and practical advice is then suggested to all to deal with the urgent and disturbing issues of the students.

To assist students in taking correct career decision, a special Career Scanning Developmental Plan (CSDP) has been developed on the basis of standardized psychometric tests for guiding students in selecting right subjects based on their aptitude, interest and future job market scenario.