The Classroom
Classrooms, which are the main components of the school, govern the design of the whole school. The basic principle is flexibility - flexibility to keep pace with the changing concepts of education's role in the learning process. All classrooms are of equal size and they are arranged in the same grid.

Every classroom is approached from the corridors. All the classrooms are oriented N-S and have adequate lighting situation. All classrooms are 20' x 22' and are suitable to accommodate about 40 senior students.

Other 'Items' in The Institution
Our Anthem & Prayers
Our Mission & Aim
Our Vision
Founder Director - Mr. Harold Carver
Vice Principal - Mr. John Xavier
About The City
The Building
Medical Facility
Carver's Hostel
The Classroom
The Learning Resource Centre
The Auditorium
Principal - Mr. Louis Lopez
Books And Stationery (2021-2022)
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