Our Mission & Aim
Our Mission :-
All Stephenians should be good not only at academics, but also should have an all round development. Anyone associated with the school should not only feel happy, but also proud of it.

Aims :-
The School aims to achieve the following:
* To impart the best Academic Curriculum to prepare students for admission to Junior Colleges and Universities in India and abroad.
* To provide outstanding teaching resources - such that students experience -all round academic, intellectual, social, cultural, physical, emotional and spiritual development through a well rounded curriculum.
* To impart the right values to students including teamwork, self motivation, sensitivity, compassion and a practical approach to learning.
* To encourage students to develop a sense of community responsibility and the world at large.
* To inculcate the spirit of acceptance rather than of tolerance for all religions and creeds other than our own.

The School emphasizes on the following:
1. Perseverance in the pursuit of Academic Excellence (Semper Sursum)
2. Acceptance of responsibility.
3. Concern for others.
4. Compassion and acceptance for those of different race, religion and social background.
5. An ethical approach to all aspects of life.
6. Respect for integrity and truth.
7. Team work
8. Self motivation
9. Practical applied learning
10. Community responsibility towards the less privileged.

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Our Mission & Aim
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Founder Director - Mr. Harold Carver
Vice Principal - Mr. John Xavier
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