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St. Stephen's School sector 45B Chandigarh Celebrated International Yoga day on 21/6/2022 Students and teachers participated

Inter House Art Canvas Competition was held on 28th April 2022 to promote and encourage our budding artists.The theme of the contest was on Four Elements of the Earth(Fire,Water,Air and Earth). Studen

Our School has reopened and our children are back in full strength. Parents and students are thrilled to have normal offline classes resume after almost 2 years. This year we celebrate 40 years of


18-AugClass 6 to 8 Punjabi U.T., Jr. Word Power Spell Bee
19-AugHoliday Janmasthmi
20-AugHoliday In lieu of 13 Aug, 2022 (Second Saturday)


12-04-2022 -> Documentary- Ruby Jubilee 40 Years of Excellence in Education (1982-2022)


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St. Stephen - The story behind the school's name.

Stephen was one of the great men of faith in the early church and the first Christian Martyr. Our school is named after this great saint. In those early days, Stephen cared for the neglected and marginalized people of the society. Stephen was able to work miracles among the people. Rooted in jealousy, some Jews falsely accused Stephen and convinced other people that Stephen was speaking against God.

They took hold of Stephen and brought him before the powerful Jewish rulers. Stephen stood before them and was not afraid to speak the truth. Then he accused the men, and their forefathers of hurting and killing the prophets and even of killing Jesus. This infuriated the rulers and they rushed at him, dragged him out of the city and began to stone him to death.

Just before he died he forgave the people who had stoned him to death. He had the same forgiving spirit that Jesus had when Jesus was crucified. Our founder Mr. Carver was inspired by the self-sacrificing story of St. Stephen and decided to name his newly founded school after this great saint.

His feast day is December 26.