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Q. What took you guys so long?
A. Ah well, as you know, we are a relatively younger school, and so, there was a definite amount of growing up to do. Now we have alumni who are settled into their lives and can lead the organization in a mature and professional way. Plus, we have an energetic younger base to help them out.

Q. So how do I know that you are credible?
A. We've got people right from the first batch ('88) to the most recent ones spread out over the organization's Core and Working Committee. We're registered and have a permanent office in the school. There will be absolute transparency and accountability thanks to the exhaustive constitution that we've spent almost a year designing. Plus, we've got the School's seal of approval!

Q. So what's this Core and Working Committee?
A. To have a more professional and inclusive organization, we have divided the functioning of TOSS across two different organs -
The Core Committee consists of alumni, aged 30 and beyond, who have come together to form the basic guidelines and administrative policies. They are
The Working Committee comprises of relatively younger alumni. It carries out the decisions taken by the Core and is the executive organ of TOSS.

Q. How do I become a part of the Core/ WC?
A. You join as a general member and can then be promoted to the WC/ Core upon fulfilling the necessary conditions.

Q. Then how do I become a member of TOSS?
A. To become a member, click here .

Q. How much would I have to pay?
A. The membership fee is Rs. 500.

Q. Why the membership fee and is it a one-time fee?
A. The membership fee is vital to build our initial fund so that we can have awesome events for you apart from meeting other costs, etc. You will receive an official receipt along with an ID card when you register. This is a lifetime membership fee for TOSS. Please note that different events that TOSS will organize may have their own entry fee.

Q. Why should I join TOSS?
A. We honestly can't answer that for you because everyone has his/ her own motivations for doing so. Whether it's to renew past friendships, forge new ones, relive past memories, get in touch with teachers, contribute to your alma mater or just have some fun! There are too many reasons to count. We simply provide you with the platform to do all those things via our platform and regularly organized events.

Q. I studied at St. Stephen's School, Togan. Can I still become a member?
A. Yes, you can. We're all part of the family! Same rules apply for the pass outs from the Togan branch.

Q. I have studied till class ninth at St. Stephen's. Am I still eligible for membership?
A. As long as you have been a Stephenian for at least a year, you can become a member.

Q. I am not in Chandigarh right now. How do I register?
A. You can transfer the membership fee of Rs. 500/- to the following account
Bank : YES BANK LTD. , Sector 9C, Chandigarh
Current Account No : 001594600000123 IFSC code : YESB0000015

Q. How do I get my ID Card?
A. Send us your latest passport size photograph (to with these details - Full name, batch, house, phone number, blood group and current address (in a tabular format, please). Once your ID is ready, you will be informed. You could pick up the card from the school or if you are outside Chandigarh, you need to also send us your address so that we can ship you your ID card.

Q. What kind of events is TOSS looking to organize?
A. TOSS will be making its calendar of events public every year. We will have some fixed annual events (like reunion, blood donation camp, treasure hunt, etc. ) and also some one-time events depending on the current scenario.