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About Us

The Old Stephenians' Society (TOSS) is the alumni association of St. Stephen's School. It provides a platform for the old students to come together and actively be a part of the Stephenian family.

Whether it is to renew past friendships, forge new ones, relive past memories, get in touch with teachers, contribute to your alma mater or just have some fun, there are many reasons to join TOSS You are provided with a platform to do all those things via our page on the school website and we regularly organize events.

The edifice of St. Stephen's School stands as a testimonial to the awe aspiring vision of a man and the courage to see it realized. With the efforts of Mr. Harold Carver and some other reputed educationists, the dream of the school began to take shape from three bungalows and culminated in a magnificent building that bring delightful memory to all those who have had the opportunity of studying there. TOSS is a continuation of the same vision and dreams, to build on the foundation laid, a network of alumni taught the same values.

In its five years of existence, TOSS has already built a network of ex-Stephenian's - the ones settled and successful offering a helping hand to the ones struggling or taking their first few steps on the work front. The network grows stronger by the day as everyone at TOSS still believes in Semper Sursum - Always Aim Higher !!

The organization consists of three distinct bodies -

The Core Committee - This is the administrative organ of TOSS laying down the policies and guidelines for its structure and functioning.
The Working Committee - The executive organ of TOSS, this committee effects the decisions taken by the Core. It consists of the relatively younger alumni.
General Body - All remaining members of TOSS are part of the General Body.

Some of the Aims and Objectives for which the Society is established as under : -

a) To provide a forum for alumni of the society to communicate, meet and arrange activities to faster the growth of TOSS and the School.
b)To further strengthen ties and camaraderie between the students of the school, the Faculty Members and Staff of the School and within TOSS itself.
c)To conduct its purpose and affairs in an open, honest, sincere, and forthcoming manner.
d)To encourage the alumni to take an active and abiding interest in the work and success of TOSS keeping with the ideals of the school.
e)To endeavour to live up to the motto of St. Stephen's School - Semper Sursum (Always Aim Higher).
f)To support the alumni emotionally, financially or in any other manner and to extend this facility to the family members in the event of grave necessity.
g)To organize and develop activities in areas of cultural, social, sports and educational; to keep alive the spirit of devotion to the pursuit of excellence in all the above areas and predominantly towards education and human resource development.
h)To assist the school administration in various affairs as and when required primarily for the cause of good education and all round development of Students /Staff /School.
i)To help encourage and assist the spread of education and to render assistance award scholarships/bursaries to deserving students and for this purpose to take all steps as any be necessary.
j)To help in binding avenues of employment or occupation and in acquiring facilities for technical, vocational & professional training to students, ex-students and staff.