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House Shows:
All the students and staff members are divided into four Houses namely Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Mars. The much awaited House Shows are an annual feature. Come September and the staff and students are busy making preparation for the house shows, which are a form of inter house competitions. Students perform plays, folk and western dances etc. and try to outdo the other houses.

Annual Picnic:
A mandatory picnic is arranged class wise in which the students get to interact with their peer group in an informal and pleasant atmosphere.

Children's Day:
On this special day the staff members put up an entertainment programme for the students and the refreshments are served.

Students get to hear various school choirs sing Christmas carols and then get to interact with Santa Claus and sing 'Jingle Bells'with him.

Inter School Competitions:
Various teams are sent to represent the school for competition in dramatics, art, singing, sports etc. And have brought back numerous trophies, which adorn the Principal's office.

Ruby Jubilee Celebrations:
This year (2022-2023) we will be having a series of competitions to celebrate the Ruby Jubilee of our school.

Senior School Co-ordinators :
Mrs Vandana Singh (Academics)
Mrs. Suman Malhotra (Activities)

Junior School Co-ordinators :
Mrs Arvindra Singh (Academics)
Mrs. Deishi Sharma (Activities)