Microsoft Teams Update

General Instructions:

Microsoft Teams can be downloaded from the internet onto your device - Desktop, Laptop, Phone - Android or Apple

How to log in to MS Teams:
You have received a username (email id) and password from the school. If not, please use the link at the top of this page to get it.
The username is in the format (Where 12345 is your 5 digit roll number). The username and password do not have any space in them.

* Start MS Teams on your device
* Enter your username. If you do not enter the username correctly, it will ask for a code. Check your username properly. The system should never ask you for any code
* Enter your password. If you enter the password correctly, the system will allow you to log in.

How to change your password?

* Open a browser - Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE, Safari - any one
* Log on to
* Log in using the username and password given by the school
* You will find a settings button at the top right of the screen
* Click on settings, change your password

During School

Before any class starts:
1. You should have downloaded Microsoft Teams and logged in
2. 10 minutes before a class, please select 'Calendar'. You will see the class scheduled at that time.
3. Click on join
4. Click on join now

During the class:

1. Please keep your microphones and cameras off
2. Raise your hand (There will be an icon on screen) if you wish to say something
3. When the teacher calls out your name, unmute your microphone and say what you have to say. After you have asked your question, mute the microphone again.

Enjoy Learning!

If you have any problems, you may send a message via the Contact Us page

Posted on April 1, 2021

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