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English Department

The school follows the ICSE pattern in its corrections and in setting the papers.

Two Assignments for Aural are given from Classes 6 to 10 and the same pattern is followed from Classes 1 to 5 in their elocution period. The students are taught to be attentive for the multiple choice questions. Shakespearean Tales have been introduced in Class 6 to 8 to familiarize them with the Shakespearean play in Class 9 and 10.
Albert Barrow Essay Writing Competition is conducted every year. Students with good writing skills participate in it. Reading, writing, listening and communication skills are encouraged in the Elocution period. Argumentative skills are encouraged to trace their debating aptitude.

Books especially those pertaining to languages are changed periodically to move with the times and also those that are most suitable and interesting in accordance to the aptitude of the child are introduced.

For the new semester Classics will be screened to facilitate a better understanding. Word building and sentence building are conducted in the classes to enhance the vocabulary of the students. They are also taught to frame perfect syntactical sentences. Idioms, phrases, literary devices are stressed upon for the students to be more articulate and expressive in compositions and to be proficient in "Conversational English".To garnish this subject, story telling sessions have been introduced to excite the imagination of the child,to enthuse him with a desire for creativity.The well trained teachers will always be there to assist him in his every hudle.