Jr School Sports Day
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." St. Stephen's reinstated the importance of this philosophy by organising the Junior School Sports Day on 29th January, 2016.

The event was action packed with exceptional talent, unprecedented competitive spirit and remarkable enthusiasm.

It was a feast for one’s eyes to watch the alluring act of Ribbon dance and Yoga performed by children with such ease. Ryan Attri of Class V-D, who has been actively participating in Yoga competitions at the national level presented different asanaas of advanced yoga.

The children competed in a variety of events. The Relay Race (4 X 100M) and the Tug-O-War were the center of attraction. These events were jam-packed with the zeal and fervour of the participants, audience and the teachers.

At the end of the day, Mars scored 34 points, Saturn was at 30 points, Neptune closed at 35 points and Jupiter got 33 points.

The following children secured positions in their respective competitions:

Class I

A) 50M. Race
1. Jaiveer Singh (1-A)
2. Arjunveer Singh (1-A)
3. Nodit Gupta (1-E)

1. Saanvi Sharma (1-C)
2. Anika Gautam (1-D)
3. Aditi Verma (1-D)

B) Fun Race (Crawling under the net) Boys
1) Arnav Mahajan (1-E)
2) Arnav Dhiman (1-C)
3) Rishit Tayal (1-A)

1. Sanchali (1-C)
2. Sachleen Sidhu (1-C)
3. Ananya Chuhan (1-B)

Class 2

A) 100M Race Boys
1) Gautam (2-D)
2) Sarthak Kamal (2-E)
3) Vedansh (2-B)

1) Arpita Malhotra (2-D)
2) Aanya Aswal (2-E)
3) Anushika Sharma (2-D)

B) Fun Race (Banana Race) Boys
1) Neev Puri (2-C)
2) Rudra Khullar (2-A)

1) Jagriti Rana (2-C)
2) Ananya Chaudhary (2-D)
3) Tanvi Saini (2-C)
3) Aarav Arya (2-A)

Class 3

A) 100M Race Boys
1) Karunidh Singh Sidhu (3-A
2) Harshbir Singh (3-B)
3) Harmandeep Singh (3-E)

1) Likhita Verma (3- B)
2) Kavisha Virmani (3-A)
3) Rebecca (3-E)

B) Fun Race (Sack Race) Boys
1) Dhruv Khanna (3-A)
2) Siddharth Sharma (3-C)
3) Armaan Mahajan (3-A)

1) Harshita Garg (3-B)
2) Shreya Chaudhary (3-C)
3) Mahi Bidlan (3-E)

Class 4

A) 200M Race Boys
1) Utkarsh Vashisht (4-B)
2) Bhavya Gautam (4-E)
3) Ranbir Arora (4-C)

1) Navya Chioker (4-D)
2) Himanshi (4-D)
3) Bhumi Kakkar (4-B)

B) Fun Race (Three Legged Race) Boys
1) Bhuvan Goel (4-C)
Sashwat (4-E)
2) Karanveer Diwan (4-D)
Namay Gupta (4-A)
3) Abhay Pratap Singh (4-B)
Saiansh (4-E)

1) Punya Handa (4-D)
Ananya Dhiman (4-E)
2) Tamanna Sharma (4-A)
Pawni (4-C)
3) Sukhnaad Kaur (4-E)
Diya Sharma (4-E)

Class 5

A) Relay Race (4X100M) Boys
1) Shourya Gautam (5A) 1)
Bir Amitoz Singh (5-B)
Arnav singh (5-C)
Bhavya Chopra (5-D)

2) Dikshant Dayal (5-C) 2)
Sudhanshu Thakur (5-A)
Soumil Mittal (5-B)
Nakul (5-D)

3) Ajinkya Rajulwala (5-A) 3)
Rayan Awa (5-C)
Aditya Tayal (5-D)
Harnur Singh (5-E)

1. Noor Bhatia (5-C)
Anshika Bisht (5-D)
Ashanpreet Kaur (5-E)
Jasmine Rana (5-B)

2. Bhavanpreet Kaur (5-D)
Deshna Jha (5-D)
Savgun Dhillon (5-C)
Riddhi Kaushal (5-B)

3. Mannat Sharma (5-A)
Maninder Kaur (5-C)
Teesta Kanwar (5-C)
Yashika Kapoor (5-E)

B) Tug-O-War (Best of Three) Boys
1) Jupiter House
2) Neptune
3) Mars

1) Mars
2) Saturn
3) Jupiter

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